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VSIL takes payment to the next level with new solutions!

Keeping track of membership dues, invoices, and payments has always been a challenge for sports clubs, but we've just taken a big step forward with the launch of new payment solutions. The old method, which went through the Norwegian Sports Federation (NIF), required members to create user accounts and wait for invoices. This process was time-consuming and impractical for many. But now, we have revolutionized the way payments are handled!

The new payment solution, available on VSIL's own website and through the "Fit by Wix" application, has opened up a world of simplicity for members. Now, you can easily pay with a card and eventually Vipps/Paypal, providing flexibility to choose the payment method that suits you best. The previous solution through the Norwegian Sports Federation (NIF), where you paid training fees and membership fees separately, is now gone. Instead, you select a subscription that includes both fees.

Those who registered earlier this semester through the Norwegian Sports Federation (NIF) website will not receive invoices from VSIL but must use the new payment method to create their membership.

Another advantage of the new payment solution is the cost aspect. With the old solution, members had to pay for each semester. With the new solution, they can instead pay every 6 months. This not only makes it more financially manageable for many students but also provides members with more value for their money, especially those who join in the middle of a semester.

"This is an exciting pilot project that we hope will bring both engagement and flexibility to our members. If this system works well, the idea is to eventually introduce additional benefits such as loyalty points and exclusive member perks." - Karl Magnus Eriksen, Public Relation Manager, Vestfold Studentidrettslag (VSIL)

With this, we hope to elevate the member experience to a new level. With easy access, multiple payment options, and financial flexibility, we are placing our members' needs and comfort at the core of our strategy. This is a significant step forward for VSIL and will likely attract even more students who want to be part of the sports club.

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