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Climbing in Tønsberg

Due to the fact that the hall is closed for exams through May, I want to organise trips to the climbing center in Tønsberg.

I have currently set up 15.05 and 31.05, more might be added later. Keep an eye on the app for updates.

The plan is for us to meet up at the bouldering room at 17:20 to pick up equipment, so that we will be in Tønsberg by 18:00. Hope to see you there.

Henrik Hagberg

Omg ja😍


INFO about tomorrow:

We’ll all meet at the school at 17:45 (boulder room) to pick up equipment. We aim to leave around 18:00.

I’m unsure of how many cars we end up needing but it would be great if everyone who said they could drive are prepared to do so, in case you want to stay longer or shorter💫

See you tomorrow!🎉

Karl Magnus Eriksen



When (ish) should we go to Høyt under Taket on wednesday? 💕SEE WHOLE POST!

  • 0%16:00

  • 0%17:00

  • 0%18:00

Hi everyone,

What time fits best for you to go to høyt under taket on wednesday?

Ps. tomorrow is the last day you can sign up to join, so don’t forget! Just say you’re coming in the arrangement info as you do for regular climbing😌 LINK HERE



Hvem disponerer bil og kan hjelpe til med transport fra campus til Høyt under taket onsdag 17.04?

  • 0%Meg🫡


Velkommen til klatregruppa! Her kan få kontakt med andre med...


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